Purpose development

Clarify your purpose, embody your values

For whom and why

Your team needs to gather around a shared vision of what you pursue together. You want to explicitly state the 'Why' of your togetherness. To pull together in the same direction, so that everyone feels a part of it, to give meaning to the doing, to embody the company’s stated values.

What will it bring you as a team?

  • Experience authenticity, deep listening, and equivalence in the team - it does create trust.
  • Realize that your similarities are more numerous than your differences.
  • Have a written collective Purpose, i.e. a compass in your hands at the end of the day, which can be referred to for collective daily guidance.
  • Spend a relaxed moment together, creating connection and meaning, experiencing something new.

How does it concretely work?

  • A playful, active, face-to-face, one-day workshop (or two half-days).
  • The workshop is followed by several micro-interventions called habit building, which can take place online or in person.
  • The process can continue with 2 to 3 hours’ workshops to concretely practice to embody and live the Purpose's values, both individually and collectively.
  • I speak English or French. Participants can also speak German.
  • The workshop can take place at your premises, mine (in the centre of Bern), or at any other suitable location of your choice.


Free quotation on request, after prior telephone discussion.


I work with the methodology developed by Nadja Schnetzler and Laurent Burst for Generation Purpose.