Aurélie de Lalande


After completing two Masters (one in Institutional Communication at Celsa - Paris La Sorbonne, the other one in Environment and Development Policy at the University of Sussex, UK), I worked for 15 years with NGOs, cultural institutions and public administration as a communication specialist and project manager.

I am in love with the world and its diversity. It gives me a lot of energy and inspiration. I particularly feel at home where cultures interact. I grew up in France, I studied in England, I lived and worked in Burkina Faso, Mali and India. I currently live in Switzerland with my family.

In 2012, I started actively training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and it has become my red thread. Developed by Marshall Rosenberg, NVC is a concrete and powerful practice to build trust and connection with one another.

I have received over 110 days of NVC training and continue to train. I am accredited as an NVC coach, and I am in the process of becoming a certified NVC trainer at the International Centre for NVC founded by Marshall Rosenberg in the 1980s (CNVC).

I also work with the methodology developed by Generation Purpose (Nadja Schnetzler and Laurent Burst) to support organisations and teams in defining their Purpose and shared values - a unifying, energising and meaningful process.

My own purpose is to support flow, connection and open communication between people for greater collaboration. Let’s get started!