Connection to oneself and others
as a fundament to reinventing life and organisations
with Nonviolent Communication as a red thread.



holding space accompanies you from the inner and trust-building work to the implementation of the new collaboration paradigm that organically emerges when connecting at deeper levels.

Working together

Towards a collaborative future

You are a collective, a team or an organisation. You are questioning your old patterns and structures. You hear exciting transformational stories from others and have the intuition this is something for you but don’t know where and how to step in.

I support you in creating your own exploratory path on the basis of your aspirations, mission and culture. It might involve learning to hear each other out, opening mediation spaces, integrating collective values into daily-life and decision-making, clarifying roles, building trust to dare authenticity and set limits, implementing new collaborative tools to boost your efficiency and save energies.

From that space of freshly gained clarity and deep sense of connection emerge new ideas, actions and organisational models.

My approach is rooted in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as developed by Marshall Rosenberg, in Sociocracy and in convergent facilitation. Full attention is given to what is alive in the present moment inviting in a lot of creativity.

My practice includes process facilitation, training, team coaching and supervision, and NVC-based mediation.

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They already trust me: Swiss Parliament Services, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Municipality of Meyrin (GE), MalleyPrairie Foundation (LS), Ecoquartier des Vergers (GE), Bread for All (NGO), and others.

Individual sessions

Gaining clarity on what is at play within yourself and in relation to others

Your life, just like mine, is filled with stories, more or less satisfying relationships, decisions to be made, things to do, moments of respite and fundamental interrogations. Yet deep down (if you are anything like me) you are longing for peace, joy and unity.

During our sessions, we (you and I) welcome what is alive in you and that is grabbing your attention in this given moment. We put words on feelings, thoughts, sensations and perceptions. We let them know they are acknowledged and carefully listen to them. Slowly, connections are made, bridges are built, within yourself and with others. You gain clarity. It starts to look like you always wanted it to be: the place of freedom where all potentials can unfold.

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Aurélie supports our organisation's transformation. Her presence brings us security: she opens spaces where personal tensions can be expressed, welcomed as an integrative part of life at work, fully heard and transformed. Her insights are also precious to identify reproduced patterns and create new pathways.

Bernard DuPasquier, Director Bread for All


The name 'holding space', to me, perfectly describes Aurélie’s precious gift to the world. She supported our alternative school project at a very early and crucial stage. Equipped with her professional skills, experience, wisdom and open-heartedness, she opened and held a safe space for our team at a time of unspoken conflicts. Every voice was heard, everybody felt safe and we could finally take a deep breath and speak from our hearts. Restating and agreeing on our collaboration framework and common vision led us to the point where we could trust each other again, take the next steps into the project and go with the flow.

Tamar Widmer, Initiator and co-director Spielraum21


More than 10 years of psychiatric experience and never quite advancing to the core of things. Or not daring to get to the core as it never felt safe and their conclusions and prescriptions did not match my perceptions. Since working with Aurélie I have come very close to my core-being, which is gently welcomed to show itself and feels safe to emerge.



Aurélie is a precious ally. Beside her height, her magnitude is revealed through the depth of her heart overflowing with love for humanity, as well as her mind as vast as the sky.

Everything is possible for Aurélie and so, everything has the right to be. By paying close attention, she perceives the most subtle movements of our inner voices or wounded parts and encourages us to listen to them. Truth emerges, knots untie way to a feeling of relief and freedom.

Aurélie will insist that you are behind all the work and transformation. Your everlasting gratitude will however, say otherwise.

Beatrix Niser




After completing two MAs (one in Institutional Communication at Celsa – Paris La Sorbonne, the other one in Environmental policy at Sussex University), I worked for 15 years with NGOs, cultural institutions and public administration as a communication specialist, strategist and campaigner. I learnt a lot about the world, people and collective action during these years. I felt most alive when a person or a team reconnected with their potential and realised it - thus creating a movement, a new impulse or a shift for themselves and others.

I am in love with the world and its diversity. It gives me a lot of energy and inspiration. I particularly feel at home where cultures interact and rub their back against one another. I grew up in France, I studied in England, I lived and worked in Burkina Faso, Mali and India. I currently live in Switzerland with my family.

In 2012, I actively started training in NonViolent Communication (NVC), a process developed by Marshall Rosenberg, and it has become my red thread: creating a space beyond judgments where everything is welcome. My vision is to contribute to a world where each person finds his/her space.

In my past professional life, I sometimes felt limited by ‘old-style’ management and governance systems. I therefore became passionate about collective intelligence processes and I trained in sociocracy. I experience the combination of sociocracy and NVC as a powerful base to support paradigm shifts.

In 2004, I created with Delhi-based Magic Lantern Foundation (India) a documentary film festival called ‘Other Worlds are breathing’. We wanted to inspire people by showing them existing alternative ways of living together, collaborating, creating culture, running economic exchange and so on that all answered the question "In what world do we want to live in?". I stayed true to this call: I want to co-create, with you, multi-faceted emerging worlds.

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7. 10. 2021
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Aurélie de Lalande

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