22. 10. 2016
Miki Kashtan, NonViolence at heart

Miki Kashtan is a Centre for NonViolent Communication-certified trainer. She is the co-founder of BayNVC, an organisation that shares NVC in the San Francisco area. For years, she has been publishing articles on NVC on her blog The fearless heart. In 2015, Miki published two books where she shares her vision of a nonviolent world.

She carefully analyses Gandhi’s action, puts forth Martin Luther King’s essential work, and shares her experience working with NVC-founder Marshall Rosenberg.

She gives us concrete keys and examples from her personal and professional life. She also writes, as fiction, what a NonViolent future could look like, in which people act according to their impulse (vs. their duty) while taking others’ into account.

These two books have become powerful references for me – books to come back to again and again.