20. 3. 2018
Walking people home

My favourite activity ever is supporting people in finding what I call their 'way home'. It starts by putting attention to the body and listening to one’s feelings, body sensations and perceptions. At the beginning, when one is not yet used to listen, one hears little more than whispers and sometimes says things like ‘I can’t hear anything’, ‘I don’t feel anything’. Like everything else, deeply listening to what’s alive in you requires some practice. 

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3. 3. 2018
The Co-Community - Connecting beyond consumption

End of 2017, I got introduced to the Bern-based Co-Community. It was described to me as a local community of people who know each other "in the real world” and are interested in experimenting with a non-monetary economy model. The group is called “Co-" from the Latin prefix for "together / mutually / in common”. 

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18. 5. 2017
3. 2. 2017
Jeff Foster - Words that strip you down

Jeff Foster shares Awareness through poems and texts posted on Facebook, books available in many languages and live seminars. His write-ups are a powerful source of daily inspiration for me. 

The precision and luminous simplicity of his language, the space from where he writes often instantly reconnect me to myself.

The way he looks at depression - which is intimately known to him - and at mental diseases frees people from any kind of labels. He offers them unconditional presence, without judgment or intention to heal them or lead them anywhere. This strongly resonates with my own intention, position and practice when supporting individuals. 

His website is called Life Without a Centre



Pay attention to your present breath.

The mind says,

'Oh, it's just another breath...'

But the heart knows,

it's your first ever breath.

The Only breath.

The sacred breath of Life Itself.

You are not breathing.

You are being breathed, friend.

You are being taken care of

in ways you'll never understand.

Jeff Foster

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22. 10. 2016
Miki Kashtan, NonViolence at heart

Miki Kashtan is a Centre for NonViolent Communication-certified trainer. She is the co-founder of BayNVC, an organisation that shares NVC in the San Francisco area. For years, she has been publishing articles on NVC on her blog The fearless heart. In 2015, Miki published two books where she shares her vision of a nonviolent world.

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2. 10. 2016
Communification, with Isabelle Padovani

A French Centre for NonViolent Communication-certified trainer, Isabelle Padovani dedicates her life to sharing NonViolent Communication and keys for a compassionate life in action. I have been doing individual sessions with her since 2010.

Since 2014, I have also been intensively training in NVC for individual support with Isabelle and her team.

I am deeply grateful to Isabelle for her generosity and her great sense of humour, her rare ability to model and share her practice, and for her tireless guidance. Her website and videos are till date only available in French: http://communification.eu/