3. 3. 2018
The Co-Community - Connecting beyond consumption

End of 2017, I got introduced to the Bern-based Co-Community. It was described to me as a local community of people who know each other "in the real world” and are interested in experimenting with a non-monetary economy model. The group is called “Co-" from the Latin prefix for "together / mutually / in common”. 

The idea is that participants contribute stuff/services/resources to the community according to their willingness, abilities and capacity, and make use of what they need from the community pile. The common thread is that participants enjoy both doing stuff for each other and exploring how some of their needs can be met through meaningful interactions with the community - without the medium of money being of prime concern.

I for instance offer Nonviolent Communication sessions and get free workout in a park close to my place, once or twice a week, offered with fun and great loads of encouragement by an aspiring journalist with a PhD in philosophy! 

The people who constitute the community are both efficient at changing the world by setting their intention on being coherent and completely light and graceful in the way they do it. It seems so effortless for them to embody ‘AND’ rather than ‘OR’. They carry the new world while graciously embracing the old one. This inspires me greatly and makes me want to dance this path among them.