20. 3. 2018
Walking people home

My favourite activity ever is supporting people in finding what I call their 'way home'. It starts by putting attention to the body and listening to one’s feelings, body sensations and perceptions. At the beginning, when one is not yet used to listen, one hears little more than whispers and sometimes says things like ‘I can’t hear anything’, ‘I don’t feel anything’. Like everything else, deeply listening to what’s alive in you requires some practice. 

To me, having someone hold my hand and lead me through this practice is really precious. It allows me to concentrate on my experience and dive in. Becoming the curious observer of what’s alive in me allows me to step back. It creates a space where I can enjoy rest, rootedness, peace, joy or silence depending on the situation. And it feels good!

Leading someone through this practice, which I call holding space, gives me great joy and a deep sense of accomplishment. To me, it feels like walking someone home to the entrance of his/her own secret and sacred garden. My joy is related to my awareness that this is the entry point into the world of peace which I am longing to inhabit and see our children grow in.