3. 2. 2017
Jeff Foster - Words that strip you down

Jeff Foster shares Awareness through poems and texts posted on Facebook, books available in many languages and live seminars. His write-ups are a powerful source of daily inspiration for me. 

The precision and luminous simplicity of his language, the space from where he writes often instantly reconnect me to myself.

The way he looks at depression - which is intimately known to him - and at mental diseases frees people from any kind of labels. He offers them unconditional presence, without judgment or intention to heal them or lead them anywhere. This strongly resonates with my own intention, position and practice when supporting individuals. 

His website is called Life Without a Centre



Pay attention to your present breath.

The mind says,

'Oh, it's just another breath...'

But the heart knows,

it's your first ever breath.

The Only breath.

The sacred breath of Life Itself.

You are not breathing.

You are being breathed, friend.

You are being taken care of

in ways you'll never understand.

Jeff Foster