18. 11. 2019
Do-you-speak-Life? A one-day workshop to explore Life's language(s)

In the run-up to end-of-the-year celebrations, we sometimes tend to get nervous or apprehensive. Will I get heard? Will I manage to let them express themselves fully while keeping my heart open? The one-day workshop I offer on 14th December is an opportunity to practice just this. All eager practitioners of Life's language - welcome!

WORKSHOP’S INTENTION: Practice the art of speaking in order to be heard and to listen so that the other feels heard

PROGRAMME: Practices and exercises coming from Nonviolent Communication (NVC) according to Marshall Rosenberg

LANGUAGE: The workshop will take place in English and French depending on participants' needs.

WHEN, WHERE: Saturday 14th December, from 9.30 to 17.00. Speichergasse 19, 4th floor, Bern (5 min walk from Banhof Bern).

PRICE: CHF 100 (coffee, tea and snacks included. Please bring something for a shared vegetarian lunch buffet).

To join, write to me: [email protected], or call me if you have any question : 077 412 55 32